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How to Order ( for delivery )

Firewood must be
Orders can only be placed when our firewood is IN STOCK.
*** No QTY. shown on website = not available to order ***
#1 ) Order Online *** ALL ORDERING IS DONE ONLINE ***
#2 ) Go to ORDER page - Use the "ORDER" button on top of any page to see our list of firewood products.
#3 ) View firewood - Click on firewood product photos to open more details about each.
#4 ) Add to cart - Choose a quantity from the item dropdown and then "Add to Cart".
#5 ) Check Out - Cart is located top right. Click "Check Out" when you are finished shopping.

Order our KILN DRIED Firewood

How to Checkout ( for delivery )

#1 ) Enter zip code - Submit your zip code to view the delivery charge & continue to next step
#2 ) Fill out delivery info - Provide your name, delivery address & phone #.
#3 ) Pick 2 delivery dates - Choose 2 delivery dates from our available dates calendar
#4 ) Choose Stacking Services - Answer Yes or No for our driver to provide optional stacking services.
#5 ) Make payment - Submit your credit card information to complete purchase.

Order our KILN DRIED Firewood

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