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Actual Customer Comments

"I got a load of wet wood from a tree company. Your wood is like night & day. I'll never buy from a tree company again."

"The bags are the greatest !! It's the only way I want my firewood delivered."

"Our last firewood would hiss and steam. It never burned right. Your wood burns so easy & hot."

"There was nothing wrong with our brand new stove. It turned out to be our firewood."

"We use your wood to make a fire hot enough so we can burn our other wood."

"I didn't know what KILN DRIED firewood was. Now I'll never burn anything else."

"I told my friends and family about your wood."

"Who knew there was firewood like this ?"

"It's nice to see someone that takes such pride in what they do."

"I know where I'm buying my wood from now on."

"I contacted a few firewood suppliers. They never got back to me. You did, right away."

"With wood this good, you must really be busy this time of year."

"We bought a bag last week to sample. Now we can't wait for the delivery."

"We were actually excited when the wood burned so well."

"You guys definitely know what you're doing."

"You are a pleasure to deal with. I'll be ordering again."

"I'm not telling anyone about your company. I'm afraid you will be sold out all of the time if I do."

About Our KILN DRIED Firewood

We deliver the finest KILN DRIED firewood on Long Island.
The quality starts from the very beginning.

Firewood is Our Year Round Business

Hamptons Firewood has 3500+ repeat customers because we are the only full time
KILN DRIED firewood company on Long Island. Producing & delivering firewood is our only business. Poor quality firewood originates from part time firewood sellers looking to take advantage of a seasonal market. Since our only business is selling firewood we put 100% of our efforts into producing the best product. Landscapers, tree services, nurseries & others cannot match the knowledge and experience we have here at Hamptons Firewood. WE KNOW FIREWOOD BETTER THAN ANYONE.

Timber Professionally Harvested

All of our firewood timbers are professional harvested. The logs are chosen for quality, size & species to insure only the best firewood is produced. We do not use random timbers from tree services, excavators or landscapers. Top quality timbers are the first step to producing the highest quality firewood.

State of the Art Processing

High tech processing equipment is essential to producing uniform firewood. Only state-of-the-art equipment can consistently produce uniform firewood. Hamptons Firewood takes pride in providing uniform lengths and achieving precise splitting that results in the perfect firewood. Firewood that is too large may not dry correctly and may burn incomplete in your fireplace or stove.

Clean Wood

Our firewood is always kept clean throughout processing by utilizing conveyors and keeping split firewood on clean surfaces. Quality firewood should never come in contact with dirt or mud once it has been split. Our wood is kept free of dirt during all phases of processing and indoor storage.

Kiln Drying

Only the most efficient commercial lumber kilns are capable of removing the large content of water that is contained in fresh cut wood. Firewood kilns reach temperatures up to 200 degrees and remove tons of water that would take a year or longer to remove drying outdoors. Removing the water reduces the moisture content from over 50% to an optimal 20 to 25% (true "seasoned" firewood is 30+%). Once the wood has reached an internal temperature of 160 degrees it receives the USDA Certification that it is bug free and it is then ready for distribution to the most discriminating markets.
Each of the cages on the left holds 1/2 cord while drying in the kiln.

We Store Our

Once the firewood is kiln dried it is stored indoors with pleny of air flow and light. The firewood remains indoors until packaged and delivered to you.

***** We strongly suggest you keep your KILN DRIED firewood indoors with good airflow. *****

If your wood is to be stored outdoors there should be a roof over the wood and the wood should be raised off the ground. If you must tarp your firewood, be sure not to cover the sides. Only the top need be covered from moisture so the sides can continue to be exposed to sun light & air flow.

All of our
KILN DRIED Firewood is delivered in bags

Our 12th year
delivering firewood
in our exclusive bags !

The bags make storing your wood clean & easy. They are perfect to store in your garage or shed. You can also store them outside. Bring one bag in the house at a time. No more mess inside the house. It's the cleanest & easiest way to handle your firewood.

Your amount is measured perfectly every time. You can easily share a delivery with your friends, family & neighbors.

We Can Stack
Your Firewood Bags

Our bags are easy to move.
If you need them moved further from the driveway, we do offer additional stacking services.
*** Sorry, but our drivers do not remove firewood from the bags. ***

We're always more than happy to give you some pointers on
how & where to store your KILN DRIED firewood.

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